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The 16-year-old

She played BEEP BEEP with her acoustic guitar. Also she talked about the arrangement of this song and taught guitar codes.

She sang 31 songs on her instagram live. You can find a set-list in the comments section on YouTube.

In April 2016 (12 years old), RUANN sang Beyoncé’s Halo at Prohibition in New York. Check out her soulful voice and the last self-introduction ! !
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Native name: 大山 琉杏 (Ōyama Ruan)
Born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan
at July 21, 2003

 16-year-old with multi-talented skills in singing, dancing, songwriting, composition, musical instrument performance (guitar, piano, etc.), language (English, Korean, Chinese, etc.)

 Grew up under the influence of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. She has been featured in various media from childhood for her outstanding musical talent. At the age of 12, she was chosen to sing “TETOTE”; the theme song of Super Kabuki II “One Piece”, which was written by Yujin Kitagawa who is a member of the famous Japanese band Yuzu.
 Immediately after graduating from elementary school, she went to New York, held buskings on the street and subway platform, and held her first solo concert at Prohibition. Since she is so-called generation Z, she has posted various artist covers on social media. Taka, the member of ONE OK ROCK was impressed to see the video, offered her to appear in their concert, and she sang their and her song with an acoustic guitar.

 Released “Spice 13 Acoustic EP” on June 2017 and “SCRAMBLE 14” on March 2018. She wrote and composed for all 8 songs. Even before the debut, the single “GET THE GLORY” was provided as a TV commercial song of Cygames Inc. and the single “I AM STANDING” as an anime ending theme song of “March comes in like a lion”. Major debut from Toy’s Factory with the single “LOVE & HOPE” in September 2018. This song was provided as the TV commercial song of JOYSOUND and as the theme song of TV drama “Takane to Hana”. Later, the single “There’s No Ending” was provided as the theme song of a movie “ANEMONE / Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” and the single “READY TO GO” as the TV commercial song of Cygames Inc. again.

 Ended contract with Toy’s Factory at the end of March 2019, and renewed the label to Sony Music Entertainment and Bside in order to achieve her goal of global success. Started her new journey in the world when she debuted in Korea with the single “BEEP BEEP”  in July 2019.

December 2019, she announced the end of the promotion with Bside.

 She is a 16-year-old young artist who is expected to have a world-wide break through, and at the same time she pioneered a path that no one has ever taken. She aims as high as Grammy Awards. Fans who sympathize with and support
her “attitude and effort to be the best at what she likes” and “will and determination to make dreams come true” are spreading globally.