Lyrics/Music by RUANN
Arranged by KERENMI

Released on March 6th, 2018.

Released on March 6th, 2018.

RUANN’s first TV program theme song

NHK General TV
Anime “March comes in like a lion”
2nd season of 2nd series
Ending theme song

“March comes in like a lion” is a manga series by Ms. Chika Umino. The story is about the growth of main characters as a Shogi player, and at 2nd season it will become a story of the growth of the heart as a person together with the bullying problem. It have a lot of heavy and dark theme but the characters and drawings have a charming and sweet touches.

Actually I really like this manga, so I heard that RUANN would sing the theme song of this anime seriesI remember when I heard this song at first time, I was very surprised that the lyrics and the singing voice were mature. Or rather, I thought like “Is she really a fourteen-year-old girl?” I felt again that she was so amazing.

RUANN’s comment
“When I readed the original and saw the animation, I was attracted by the word and action of Rei ,Hinata and Akari. And Hinata and my ages was so close, so the scenes where Hinata become a target of bullying was very resonated on me. So When I realized, I felt like I am thinking together with the characters how to live. Then my emotion blew out at once, then I made this song.
I wasn’t expect to able to participate in the work of Chika Umino by the side of reader and as a big fan, so I’m very happy that I can participate like this. I hope that this song will support the feelling when everyone saw this animation !”

Quoted from the official website of anime “March comes in like a lion”  

karaoke : JOYSOUND 426136, DAM 4401-48

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The video of I AM STANDING posted on the RUANN Channel is excellent. There are two types, TV anime version and full size version. Please look at it.

At the beginning of the video of “January 28, 2018”,
there is a part RUANN told the feelings about this song. Please have a look.

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