RUANN – There’s No Ending (English)

There's No Ending

Lyrics: RUANN and Junji Ishiwatari

The theme song of the movie

“I deeply faced ANEMONE’s ‘loneliness’.
I wanted to express well her expectations
which is within anxiety.”

(reference: ANEMONE official site)

Lyrics: Uta-Net

(English translation by Kouzy)

Coldly pushed out of the subway 
GPS can not find me either
Get out of here, Get out of here
I can not get out
I have to get out
I get lost because there are lots of exits
It seems to be my life

There is a moonlight
to be the light in the dark
Yes, only I know the future
I don’t need judgement
just want to make my new way living
Yes, now I am living for me

The crowd makes me wonder that
there is a place to go for each person

Rushed to the right, to the left
go forward, back
Even if it is stopped, time will pass

There is a shadow
more bright than l am now
Yes, only I can change the future
I make good mistakes
to learn about how to start right
Yes, now I am living for me

There’s no ending

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